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Creating a world of Luxury, one Brand at a time!

Panache Creative aims to transform brands to communicate a premium or luxury branding position. We work to bring fresh ideas to the table for expanding your brand and targeting new market segments. 

We tailor our packages based on our clients needs, budget, and vision. From insight to brand workshop sessions, we work collaboratively with clients through a bespoke methodology of key stages dependent on requirements.


Our approach to brand strategy is all encompassing, including brand language, visual identity development and luxury positioning. All these elements are designed to connect the brand with its desired target and to uncover the emotional touch points to create strong bonds in a memorable way.

We work as an everyday coach and business partner to our clients. We offer valuable resources, tailored support and brand guidance for all aspects of business regardless of size. 


We tailor our packages based on our clients' unique experiences, needs and vision. 


Logo Design and Brand Identity

Graphic Design 

Photography and Video

Creative Direction 


Packaging Design


Website Design and Development

Social Media Planning 

Influencer Marketing

Brand and Communication Strategy 


Brand Workshops

Brand Mentorship 

Event and Interior Concept Design 

Brand Strategy Consulting 

New Business Development

Sourcing and Production

™We’re passionate about helping businesses grow. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, we can provide external guidance to help your business reach the next level. 

We have worked with Fashion, Lifestyle and Corporate brands including: 

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