Up Close and Personal with Karl Lagerfeld

Just this week, after viewing the AW 2016/17 Collection Chanel presented at Paris Fashion Week, I reflected on that time where I was very lucky to meet Karl Lagerfeld himself- a fashion icon that I always admired! To me, Karl Lagerfeld is the master of reinvention, having repeatedly transformed himself as well as his labels. In addition to his own label, Karl Lagerfeld has been a major creative force behind well-known brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, and Fendi. He has previously designed for Chloe and created a range for H&M.

I clearly remember that day when I left half day from college in London when I read on Facebook that Karl Lagerfeld will be launching his capsule collection that day at Selfridges Department store in London. I remember wanting to also reach very early in order to get a good spot to see him up close and personal!

This was what the product merchandising for the collection looked like. Very KARL!

As time got closer everyone’s excitement was escalating… “when will he arrive?!” Moments after the celebrity guests, world renowned photographers and members of the Vogue fashion powerhouse were soon arriving. Among them were Mario Testino, arguably the world's most famous (and prolific) fashion photographer, famous British models including Tallulah Harlech, Edie Campbell and also Vogue TV presenter Martha Ward. I was elated to be in a room with all these accomplished fashion professionals!

Coupled with trying to take in all the excitement that was happening around me, Karl Lagerfeld was soon making his way in. With his white ponytailed mane, ever-present black sunglasses, and fingerless black gloves, he definitely made a statement and fashionable entry ! Its not like anyone expected less! During this time, he lingered with guests, introduced his collection and was ever so friendly to all his fans to take selfies and autographs! Of course I did not miss out on this! Upon getting his autograph, I got the feeling that his inspiring aura was just rubbing off on everyone and everything around. It was definitely a moment to remember!

I admire and look up to Karl Lagerfeld as a designer for his countless achievements in the world of fashion. In his 25 years as creative director of Chanel, Lagerfeld has not only safeguarded the towering legacy of Coco Chanel but has also enhanced it by turning the house into one of the most powerful and profitable brands in the world. In 1984 Lagerfeld also assumed control of Chanel's ready-to-wear collection and swiftly began to reinvigorate the brand. He sifted through the house's archives, incorporating such signature Chanel details as tweed fabrics, pearls, gold chains, and the double-C logo, but showing them in a sexy, youthful, and—most importantly—irreverent way. As US Vogue magazine wrote in 2004, "He made sensational shows, subverting and redefining the Chanel look in every way imaginable (trashing, slashing, parodying if need be) but perpetually filling the stores with a fresh supply of wearable sexy clothes.”

This week, when I looked at the Chanel AW16 Collection presented at Paris Fashion Week, these looks stood out for me.

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Live. Love. Luxe - Panache Creative TT


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