Designer Spotlight: Charu Lochan Dass

Charu Lochan Dass is a Trinidad-based designer whose passion and vision have created one of the most elegant and timeless lines of fashion available today.

Her design aesthetic captures a feeling that is stylish and sophisticated yet refined, sensual and feminine. Luxurious and high quality materials used in her designs play a big role in complimenting form and fit of garments to any women’s silhouettes. Her pieces focuses on attention to detail and uses fine materials and intricate detail which sets her apart from other local designers.

According to many fashionistas, the CLD brand lives up to savouring that moment when a woman slips on a sheer CLD v-neck blouse with a metallic belt and CLD pants, or a floor length CLD gown - and steps out feeling and believing that she looks sexy and classy.

CLD was featured at many international fashion weeks including New York Fashion Week, Amsterdam Fashion Week, and many Caribbean fashion showcases.

Her recently launched collection at New York Fashion Week showed nothing less than pure elegance and poise of the CLD woman! This collection was Safari Inspired and included many earthy tones which was very much in line with colour trend predictions for 2016/7 on the International Runway .

The colour palette features are terracotta, burgundy, rust, ocher, pale pink and cinnamon shades – all gathered together offering an utterly beautiful color range to use in our day-to-day life. These "toasted tones" are authentic, warm, versatile and have become timeless. Also, these pieces are very multi-functional and if you feel to contrast the look, sometimes black or a pop of bright colour is a great component to offer a stronger and more sophisticated look. Here are a few looks from CLD latest 2016/17 Safari Inspired collection.

Here are some (just some) our favourite styles by Charu Lochan Dass:

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