Designer Spotlight: Peta Odini

St. Vincent Designer, Odini Sutherland, tells us about her journey as a designer and her inspiration behind her brand Peta Odini.

"My journey into fashion has been a bit strange maybe. I was and I still think I am personally not a very fashionable person and I rarely buy clothes or dress up but I love making clothes.

My first major interaction with fashion was when I joined the Image Modeling Agency back home in St. Vincent and their annual Fashion Caribbean event introduced me to some of the best designers in the region, such as Millhouse, Brown Sugar, Colefacts, Claudia Pegus and many others. I often toyed with the idea of working in fashion but I never thought it was something to be studied seriously so I ended up doing engineering which I hated, then marketing which I liked but I still really wanted to create, so I resigned from my marketing job at moved to London to study fashion.

My brand is very much a work in progress, which is like my life I think. I do menswear and I make bags, which are mainly for women, but I hate making women’s clothes. However because I myself wear a lot of men’s clothes, I don’t make anything I wouldn’t wear, which is probably a little confusing.

I’m not very big on making eveningwear either, which I like to but it’s not my personal aesthetic. Peta Odini is not a formal brand, I think it’s too loud and obnoxious sometimes to fit into that space, but my clothes are comfortable and well made. I make a lot of decisions on vibe and I rarely plan and I think my clothes often reflect that. I never sketch so I am never quite sure what things will look like until I am actually putting it together. My fabric choices are also usually very sporadic and I like what I like but so far people seem to be responding well to that. I also love embellishment but I rarely get the opportunity to do any as I am usually working on super tight deadlines, but I love beading, embroidery and using hardware and I especially love mixing textiles to create new textures.

My next collection is going to be a bit of a departure from the work I’ve shown in recent times (I think) and although I am halfway through production, I still don’t quite know what it’s going to be in the end, which I think is the best part. But I am heavily influenced by what I see and I’m seeing a lot of K-Pop, Skinny Fabulous and DJ Puffy right now, so I imagine this collection will be for that kind of over-the-top personality… maybe."

Here are some pieces from Peta Odini. We admire her branding and its consistency, which truly embodies the Peta Odini brand. The brand's attention to detail and choice of fabric both lends to the signature of her brand and aesthetic.

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