Monday Wear Scoop!

Gone are the days of wearing your carnival bra with shorts on Carnival Monday! Those were simpler times but Monday wear has definitely evolved and taken on a life of its own! I also think that the evolution Monday wear is definitely adding another dimension to Fashion in our twin island and soon globally, not only for carnival, but music festivals and luxe pool parties! Lets wait to see!

Maybe it's even a movement and I have to say 2017 may be my favourite year yet! There are some Monday wear veterans that never disappoint, and some fresh young new faces that are definitely going places. Here are some of our picks!

  1. Chandra Maharaj - My personal favourite is a piece called Aprhodite; a pink strapless number with lovely details in the back. There's a piece in this collection for every body type and I think that's truly amazing. What I love about this collection is that it's versatile and can be re-used after Ash Wednesday. The body jewelry that comes with each piece is also beautiful and complements each suit so well.

  1. Laura Narayansingh- This collection leaves me speechless and it's no surprised that it is totally SOLD OUT. Her pieces are opulent, sophisticated and world class. Anything from this collection would break necks all Carnival Monday long. I really tried hard to choose a favourite but...nope. The use of beading makes me feel to scream! I cannot wait to see anyone who was lucky enough to score a piece from this collection.

  1. TMG - Tobye Melissa Gill's presentation "An ode to Couture" recently launched. I really don't want to repeat adjectives but again, these pieces are world class and stunning. As an avid follower of the trends over the years, it was truly refreshing to see this designer grow and this is her best collection yet. Her use of 3D flowers is something I love and it's the kind of handwork and detail you would see in a luxury fashion house.

  1. Fonrose- The ethnic prints, use of embellishments and sexy silhouettes make this collection another one of my favourite collections for 2017. My favourite piece of the collection, Nefertiti, is certainly fit for Carnival Royalty.

  1. Humzee- This designer's collection aptly named escape is definitely different from the rest. Face masks accompany some of the designers pieces, giving the illusion of some sort of other worldly experience. One of the more unique and eye opening collections to be seen on the road for 2017.

  1. J'Angelique - a must have for the flower child. The "Wildflower" collection is one of the more whimsical and romantic collections for 2017. I have always been a big fan of the use of flowers and tassels and she does not disappoint. Each piece is unique!

What do you think? These are just a few of my faves but there are so many more collections! Let us know which other designers are your favourite!

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Live. Love. Luxe - Panache Creative TT


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