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Have you tried Buttered Up Organics?

Buttered Up organics is a local company that specializes in 100% organic, vegan skin care products. The Brand has been around for some time but recently the new collection was launched featuring new scents of body butters and oils... some really luxurious, sumptuous and yummy smelling treats for your body!

For those of you who are new to the brand, Buttered Up Organics was founded by our very own Trinidadian born, Dr. Caroline Singh. Recognizing a void in the local beauty product market coupled with her growing concern over the amount of unsafe chemicals used in over-the-counter beauty products, she decided to channel her resources into the formulation of an all natural, 100% organic body product line.

Now here at Panache Creative, we love everything local and love supporting our local entrepreneurs so we had to check it out! So here are some of the things we tried and loved.

  1. Pink Watermelon Body Scrub- The scent? divine. The texture? Rich and exfoliating. All of the body scrubs were absolutely amazing but this scent stood out to us. If scrubs are not your thing and you find them to be abrasive, the line also includes Body Smoothies, a milder alternative in a yummy Lemon Grass Verbena Scent. These are a must have for smooth silky skin.

  2. Acai Pumpkin Berry Body Butter- Again these body butters come in a variety of scents how this one was my personal favourite. What I liked the most about this particular Butter how little you need to cover a wide surface area. I can easily see a jar of this lasting for months.

  3. Honey Apricot Shower Oil- The smell is to die for. What you put on your skin soaks in! 100% organic and natural! I don't even need to say anymore.

All in all, it was definitely a great event and we're glad we got to see, feel and most of all SMELL these yummy treats. Check out Buttered Up organics on their Facebook pages and find them at Superpharm!



Live. Love. Luxe - Panache Creative TT


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